Post My Party: Reality TV

Lynzie Kent is a wedding and event planner based in Toronto. As the creative director and manager of Love by Lynzie Events & Design, she specializes in elaborate-yet-unpretentious parties that accentuate client personalities. She also specializes in handcrafted décor which she creates alongside clients. When executives at Blue Ant Media productions saw her on Instagram, they hired her to launch the new reality television show “Post My Party”. Named to reflect posting party pictures online, Post My Party follows Lynzie as she helps clients, whom she calls hosts, create themed parties.

Special events feature prominently in the handful of reality television shows starring public relations professionals. In 2005, MTV showcased a group of hard-partying, event-planners at Lizzie Grubman’s New York City public relations firm in PoweRGirls. In 2010, Bravo aired Kell on Earth, which followed a day in the life of high-profile fashion public relations expert at People’s Revolution, Kelly Cutrone. Also in 2010, Kim Kardashian produced The Spin Crowd on the E! Network, starring Jonathan Cheban and Simon Huck, co-owners of the entertainment firm, Command PR.

Like her reality-show peers, Lynzie Kent boasts an expansive background. She studied at the Randolph Academy for the Arts and has 12 years of experience in the event and entertainment industry. Unlike the events in the short-lived PoweRGirls, Kell on Earth, and The Spin Crowd, Post My Party features small-scale parties at client homes.

Each half-hour episode of Post My Party is divided into three segments:

  1. Lynzie uses the first segment to learn about the party recipient and assess the space. In the first episode, for example, she meets a mother planning a ballerina-themed party for her six-year-old daughter.
  2. Episodes continue with Lynzie selecting materials at a craft store. She seeks out pink, glitter, and mesh-like fabric in the first episode.
  3. In the final segment of the show, Lynzie returns to the host’s home where they create the party décor. Episode one decorations include painted, paper tiaras, and tutu-inspired tablecloths.

I fully recognize that special event planning is one of multiple tactics available to public relations practitioners. Nonetheless, I believe programs like this one inform the way people view the public relations industry. Thankfully, client relationships take center stage at Post My Party.

—Cheryl Ann Lambert, Ph.D.

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