The public relations profession has been the focus of several documentaries through the years—most of which are broad indictments of the industry. We include them here because they inform how the public views public relations.

Title Director Year
Merchants of Doubt Robert Kenner 2014
Hot Coffee Susan Saladoff 2011
The War You Don’t See Adam Lowry & John Pilger 2010
Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room Alex Gibney 2005
Street Fight Marshall Curry 2005
Our Brand is Crisis Rachel Boynton 2005
Control Room Jehane Noujaim 2004
The Corporation Mark Achbar & Jennifer Abbott 2004
K Street  Jehane Noujaim 2003
Toxic Sludge is Good for you: The Public Relations Industry Unspun Executive Producers: Loretta Alper & Sut Jhally 2003
Century of the Self Adam Curtis 2002
Steel City Catherine Maciniak & Aviva Ziegler 2000
The War Room Chris Hegedus & D. A. Pennebaker 1992