PR Depiction started as an idea.

In 2007, Tom Watson, Ph.D. (Bournemouth University) began compiling a list of all of the television shows, movies, books, and radio programs that featured public relations professionals. He put out a call to public relations educators and professionals, and they responded enthusiastically with dozens of additional popular culture titles.

Countless colleagues have added to the PR Depiction collection since 2007. They include Carol Ames, Ph.D. (California State University, Fullerton); Scott Davidson (University of Leicester); Kate Fitch, Ph.D. (Murdoch University); Tom Hove, Ph.D. (Hanyang University); Emily S. Kinsky, Ph.D. (West Texas A&M University); Meg Lamme, Ph.D. (The University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa); Conor McGrath, Ph.D. (Ulster University); Karen Miller Russell, Ph.D. (University of Georgia); Joe Saltzman (USC Annenberg), and Philip Young (Birmingham City University).

PR Depiction started as an idea. But it continues today as a living archive of public relations in popular culture.